Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!!!

It’s that time of year again folks, birthday party season!!!  What kind of birthday party do you throw for not two soon to be three year olds, but 3, three year olds??? MICKEY MOUSE!!!

Wait Kate.  We know you have your boy/girl almost twin combo.  Who is this third child you speak of?  One of my all time favorite people Belinda, has a son, Owen, born right between my two crazies, so we do a combined party with the three kids!

Lets get started!!!

You simply can not have a birthday party without invitations right?

I bet you’ll be totally surprised when I tell you that my inspiration came from pinterest right?  Yeah, no, not surprised.  Where else?!?!?

Invites Inspiration

Now I love my peeps on Etsy, but I can’t spend that kind of money on invites alone.

Here’s what I came up with.

mickey mouse invites

Now I don’t love the colored in ‘buttons’ so I think that I am going to replace them with actual white buttons instead.

Using stuff that I already had laying around the house, I traced Mickey Mouse’s head and ears.

An oatmeal container for the head, and a sterno can for the ears.

IMG_0351 IMG_0352

We need 40 invites, so I traced the ears 80 times, and the head 40 times, both on black construction paper.

I also traced the oatmeal container on red paper 20 times, cut those circles in 1/2 and use them for Mickey’s pants.

So now you have all of your pieces, break out your trusty glue gun!

IMG_0353 IMG_0358

When you glue the red half circle to your Mickey Mouse, make sure to leave the opening to insert your invite!

mickey mouse invite 2

Okay so you have your Mickey Mouse now.  What about the actual invite?  I did it the easy way….Microsoft word.  I drew a circle, wrote out what I wanted to say, used the ‘noteworthy’ font, and changed up the colors and presto!  I put the invitation wording on the front, and the time, date and contact information, on another circle the same size.  I sent the info to Staples, and had them print the invites on card stock.  Forty sheets, (I got them to print two circles on one sheet of paper) $29.88.  (I don’t have a working printer)  That is all the expense I have on these invitations!

invite inserts

invites 3

There you have it guys, adorable Mickey Mouse invites, for next to nothing, (much cheaper for you, because I’m willing to bet you have a printer!) Ha!

Stayed tuned for what else I come up with for the Mickey Mouse birthday party!




Table Settings – How to create them on a budget

Hey there!

Okay so Easter is over, which means spring in FINALLY here! (Do ya hear that Colorado, well do ya????)

The Christmas decor is done, and (hopefully put away…but if not seriously, NO SHAME, I just got my tree down two weeks ago…)  Valentine’s Day is over…Easter is too…how can I decorate my table now?  All of the obvious holiday choices are gone…

Enter table settings.  Now table settings don’t really have to be done, but they can sure breath life into a table.  Don’t get me wrong either, table settings can be done ANYTIME, not just after Easter… (and I believe they should be done all of the time….) but having the perfect table isn’t always possible is it?  I mean this is real life not Pottery Barn right?  How do they honestly believe that there is enough room for two glasses, 8 place settings, a massive center piece, AND 8 people to eat???? Yeah okay, lets be real here, and tone things down a bit.

Lets start small, and with a small budget, because really you want the table to be cute and all, but…..


A sad boring table right?

Well with just a little but of effort, and a trip to your local THRIFT STORE……


table setting

your boring table can turn into this!

My darling friend Amanda introduced me to the term ‘popping tags,’ which is apparently slang for thrift store shopping.  So out we went to our local Arc thrift store, and that is where I found these…



green bowl


4 sets of the gold chargers, 4 sets of the robin’s egg blue plates, 4 sets of the green bowls, and 4 sets of the green plates.

All for a whopping $30.31!!!

*I had an opened mind, and went in with the attitude of ‘if it works, it works,’ that my friends is the true key to thrift store shopping….uh-hmmm popping tags!!!!*

The regal blue place mats, the napkins and the rings I already had.  (I wait to buy them at Pier 1 Imports when they are on sale for 50% off!!!)

The cute little vase and fake flowers I already had as well.

There you have it friends, from boring to WOW, one trip to the thrift store, $30 dollars, and an hour later!

Don’t get stuck in a rut, use what you find and or already have and experiment with it!  And don’t ever pay full price!

Pottery Barn Suspended Ladder – DIY

Have you been to Pottery Barn?  So then you have noticed their featured suspended ladder or ladders they have displayed?

Image via Pottery Barn

Have you noticed the price tag on said ladder?

$549. YEP. $549.  Just for the ladder!  Go ahead and try to choke that one down.

Image via Pottery Barn

Not gonna happen right.  Oh hell-to-the-no.

So let me show you how get this look for a LOT less.

suspended ladder

suspended ladder 2

Nice right?

suspended ladder 3

The ladder I bought at an antique store for $25.  Yep, less than a 1/20th of what I would have paid for it at the Pottery Barn.  I slapped some paint on the ladder and wiped it off to distress the ladder just a tad.

I had my very nice husband suspend the ladder for me above our island with these drywall ceiling anchors coupled with these hangers.  (both can be found easily at Lowes.)

*Important note*  Use the drywall anchors shown in the first link, but not the screws provided in the package, as you will not be able to suspended your ladder, use the hooks provided in the second link.

Measure out exactly where you want your ladder to hang from.  We suspended our ladder from four points, because that is what provided our ladder the most balance.  (The ladder didn’t sway, or tilt forward/backwards)


We first used a drill bit to help set our drywall ceiling anchors, when then hammered the anchors flush with the ceiling.  We then manually twisted our hanger into the drywall anchors.

Then repeated three times. :)

My husband wrapped the twine around the rails of the ladder. (The length of the twine will depend on how low you want your ladder to hang.)  In two different places on THE SAME SIDE OF THE LADDER.

String the twine through your anchors and then wrap the rest of the twine on the opposite side of the rail.

*This part sounds tricky, and it was.  While my hubby was stringing the twine through the anchors, I was underneath the ladder holding it up, until he was able to secure the twine on the other side of the rail.  Doing it this way, we were able to use the twine to control the length of the suspended ladder, verses, trying to tie the ladder off, and then fixing the length and so on.*

Swoooooh….the hard part was over…(and it really wasn’t that hard, scale of 1-10, I would give it a 3.)

Now for the decorating of my suspended ladder!

I used ivory colored peonies, roses, magnolias, wisteria and a bit of fishing line to spruce up my ladder.

Fishing line?  Seriously Kate?

Yep.  Fishing line is clear, so it goes unnoticed, and it gives just a bit, so if I needed to tightened a piece down, I could just pull the fishing line a bit tighter.  The fishing line was also easier to tie a knot off with verses floral wire.

Decorating my suspended ladder was actually the longest part, because it HAD TO BE PERFECT!  hahahah.

So I bought my ladder for $25, and I maybe spent $40 on all of my floral decor (Thanks Hobby Lobby, for your 50% sale!), $2 for fishing line, maybe $6 for all of the anchors and hangers, bringing my grand total to a whopping $73, start to finish!

Sure the HELL beats $549 JUST FOR THE LADDER.

And lets be honest, which ladder really looks better???

Image via Pottery Barn

or mine….


P.S.  We left our ladder open, without the board on top because during the different holidays I like to suspend Easter eggs, or Christmas ornaments from the rungs.

Dress it up however you want to!  It is definitely a statement piece in our house!






Glenwood Springs

My hubby and I took a mini vacation to the famous Glenwood Springs, also affectionately known as ‘Spa of the Rockies’ this past weekend.  Glenwood Springs is home to the largest hot springs pool in the world!

What is a hot springs?

Hot Springs – a spring of naturally hot water, typically heated by subterranean volcanic activity.


Cool right?  Well maybe to only a nerd like me…but whateves people.

We drove up Friday night, and barely made it in time to jump in the pool for a few minutes!

So the Glenwood Springs Hotel was actually built around the ‘having the largest hot springs in the world concept.’  The natural spring is located maybe 30 feet from the pool, with the water temp nearing 124 degrees, is obviously too too hot to sit in, so they pump the water into a larger pool cooling it down to 104 degrees.  The first pool is about the size of a football field.  The second pool is a bit cooler at 96 and has a deeper end for diving, and a little more kid friendly.


This picture doesn’t do the pool justice, but we tried taking photos from the pool and the steam was too much to actually see the picture.  Hahah first world problems I guess.

Saturday morning, we started with an epic breakfast the hotel provided.  Anything you could think of they provided fresh and made to order, restaurant style.

Glenwood Springs is an adorable little mountain town with a few really awesome hikes, we chose to do the famous Hanging Lake Trail.


Let me tell you a little bit about this trail.  The trail is difficult.  DIFFICULT.  My husband said ‘oh Coloradans say this trail is difficult, I don’t like that.’  I (the idiot) laughed and said ‘oh Coloradans don’t decide if the trail is difficult or not, the park rangers do……’

The trail was a whole 1.2 miles, sounds easy right?  The first 1/4 of the mile was pretty breezy, just steep and rocky.  The trail was a frozen HOT MESS.  We seriously climbed on our hands and knees up the iced over mountain.  Mind you, it was just warm enough to melt the snow, and have the snow freeze over again, making it wet and icy.  Super right?


That was just part of it…the journey up was mostly like walking UP a luge.

The view was worth it though!


Beautiful right?

Now for the way down.  I can’t even tell you how many times I fell down.  Hell, there were actually points were I sat on my booty and slide down.  All together maybe 2 hours in and 1 hour out.


This was the view coming out of the trail.  Hard to beat that.

Thankfully my dear sweet husband had spent the morning arranging for us to have a couple’s massage which we were in desperate need of by the end of the one!

A hard hike into a relaxing massage is the way to go!

Sunday morning we hit the hot springs again, and then enjoyed a beautiful drive home through the mountains!

A big THANK YOU to Glenwood Springs for hosting our much-needed couples getaway!




The Things We Cherished – A Book Review

Today is the big book review day!  My partner in crime, aka my bestest best friend Lindsey J. and I have read a book that you all chose, and we are here to provide you with an awesome book review just for you!

kate and lindsey 3

The Things We Cherished, written by Pam Jenoff.  Jenoff was born in Maryland and raised outside Philadelphia.  She attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and Cambridge University in England.

After pursuing her master’s in history from Cambridge, she was then appointed as Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Army.  The appointment afforded her the chance to participate in the most senior levels of government operations.

In 1996, Pam was assigned to the U.S. Consulate in Krakow, Poland.  This position provided Pam an opportunity to develop her expertise in the events of the Holocaust and Polish-Jewish history.  She was trusted with the preservation of Auschwitz and the restitution of Jewish property in Poland.

The summary of The Things We Cherished:


Set right in the center of the Holocaust, The Things We Cherished, is story about love, betrayal and the intricacy of relationships.  Charlotte Gold is shocked to find former finance, Brian Harrington, sitting in her law office, needing her expertise for a difficult case.  Reluctantly, Charlotte travels to Munich to help Brian’s bother Jack prove their client, Roger Dykmans innocence.  Roger is being accused of World War II war crimes, to include betraying his brother Hans, a Holocaust hero.  As Jack and Charlotte dive into their client’s history, they discover the exceedingly difficult choices Roger faced throughout his relationship with Magda, his brother’s wife.

Interesting right?  Worth reading?  Let our book review tell you!

Lindsey found this questionnaire written by the author to help us pose some thought engaging questions.

The book review questionnaire is a series of fourteen questions and answers!

We alternated answering the questions so that you would have two unique perspectives of the book.  I hope you enjoy our book review of The Things We Cherished.  


  1. Why do you think Charlotte agreed to help Brian and take on the case?  Do you agree with her decision?

I believe that Charlotte’s decision to help Brian has everything to do with the core of her character, she naturally wants to help, however she can, even in times where it may cost her a great deal.  The allure of Europe obviously played a factor, her family history and possibly the remembrance of an easier time in her life, before Brian, surely influenced her decision to go aboard.

I am more of a prideful kind of gal myself, I would have had more qualms about helping Brian, I also would have demanded much more for myself than Charlotte.  I was actually annoyed that she accepted Brian’s request so easily, and not realized that she, herself, was the upper hand in the arrangement.

2.  Do you think the ends that Roger was seeking (saving Magda and her daughter) justified the means of his choices and actions?  Did you find him likable despite these choices?

Oh Roger. I thought about this a lot while I was reading. Social experiments have proven time and time again that while people while say that it’s not worth saving 2 people when hundreds others could be saved instead, but when those 2 people are important to you, it’s an entirely different story. If I put myself in his shoes, I don’t know if I could have made any other decision. How do you send your child and the love of your life off to an ugly, uncertain fate when there is any other option? At the same time, how do you knowingly risk the life of your brother and hundreds of children who are already living a nightmare?

3.  What do you think drew Roger and Magda together so powerfully? How did their dynamic change throughout the book?

I suspect Magda’s lack of championship and loneliness drew her to Roger.  Roger was a young man, that had just left his childhood home, for schooling, he was enamored by the first young, attractive woman to be kind to him.  The hours spent in the parlor, speaking and understanding each other gave them a solid fountain to build a relationship on.  Isn’t that what we all want to marry, or be with, our very best friend?  One who understands how we tick inside and out?  I think their relationship grew with intensity, as they both had a secret to keep from Hans.  Both, Magda and Roger had to lean on each other for support as the lies between them grew and grew.  I suspect as the weight of their relationship took a heavy toll on Magda, and that may have been why she lashed out at Roger, a time or two.

4.  What do you think Magda really wanted?

I think what Magda really wanted was to be the focus of someone’s life and wanted to feel safe. She had the uncertainty of being classified as Jewish at a very dangerous time, and had the added uncertainty caused by her husband’s work. She had to have been constantly worried about being taken away by the Nazis, and with her husband always gone, there was no one for her to lean on, to be her security in an insane time. When Hans came and was there in the quiet, lonely evening hours and was so attentive and responsive to her, it’s natural that she would develop a fondness for him, at least on some level.

5.  What role does the clock play throughout the book?  Are there commonalities in the way it touches people’s lives?  Differences?

The clock, for me at least, seemed to be in symbol of love and usually when the clock came into play, someone was leaving.

The clock was leaving Johann’s ownership while Rebecca was dying, the clock was used as a tool to get Jake out of town, and again the clock was bartered off to get Anneke out of Germany.

The clock was also cherished so deeply by Sol and Jake’s mother, that she made sure she was the only person to ever care for it, much like the clock’s twin that remained in Johanna’s ownership, all of those years later.

6.  The relationships between the brothers in the book (Brian and Jack, Sol and Jake, Roger and Hans) are fraught with both affection and acrimony. What is it about sibling relationships that makes them so complex? Is it different when the siblings are the same sex versus the opposite?

Part of what makes the brother’s relationships so tense is the fact that one brother “gets” the girl, while the other is the one who’s truly in love with her. In Brian and Jack’s case, Brian dated Charlotte for a long time while Jack pined for her. Roger was married to Magda, but Hans seems to have been her soul mate. In both cases, there’s a deep connection between the brothers and a woman, and in both cases, the brother who was not in the relationship seemed to value the woman more. Jack resented Brian for treating Charlotte so disgracefully; Roger was so obsessed with his work that he never realized what was going on in his own home, or that his daughter bore such a strong resemblance to his brother.

As we progress through the novel, it’s easy to see that the brothers still have that underlying sense of responsibility borne of being brothers, but they also can’t help but follow where their hearts lead.

7.  Charlotte initially dislikes Jack.  When does she begin to feel differently about him?  What conflicts develop between them, and are there things that can be overcome?  Is the fact that they’re both attorneys an advantage or a detriment to their romantic relationship?

After the vodka.  Seriously, after drinking at dinner, and kissing Jack that same night, she starts to question herself, at first just one or two things she dismisses casually, soon she starts wondering about more about him, and questioning the intention of his ‘moves’ whether they be work related or directed specifically at her.  We all know when a guy starts plaguing all of the thoughts in out mind, we like him.

The major conflict is Jack’s brother Brian, who happens to be the former finance that crushed Charlotte’s heart.  Considering that Jack was barely engaging with his family before Charlotte, I don’t think it that unreasonable for him to keep his distance with Brian in the future, thus practically eliminating the conflict.

I think both parties in the relationship being attorneys is both an advantage and a detriment.  The time demands of an attorney could put a strain on their relationship, but each of them knowing exactly how demanding their jobs can equally be might provide for a level of mutual understanding.  I also think it beneficial that each party could seek the advice of another practicing lawyer on a particularly difficult case, free of charge of course.

8.  How do you think Charlotte’s personal and professional lives influenced one another at the beginning of the book? Did that change?

At the beginning of the book, Charlotte’s professional life ran the show. She based her initial offer to work on the case around when she could take vacation from work, she asked for a favor for a client rather than anything for herself as the condition to go to Europe with Brian, every decision derived from a ‘work-first’ mentality. I think she was too afraid of her personal life, so she focused on work and occasionally gave in to her desire for a relationship. Towards the end of the book, she was allowed them to be much more intertwined. Seeing Brian unexpectedly, and then spending so much time with Jack, really forced her to consider all of the what-if’s and let her personal life have some importance on her day to day living.

9.  With whom in the book does Charlotte most closely identify/relate?  Why?

This is a tough one.  I think that Charlotte most closely relates to Magda.  Charlotte is caught in this love triangle with these two brothers, much like Magda.  Charlotte still has feelings she can’t quite get past with Brian, Brian doesn’t love her, and Jack is and has been head over heels with Charlotte.  Magda is in a relationship with Hans that she can’t get out of, Roger is in love with Magda, and so is Hans, but Magda loves Roger.  Both of these ladies find themselves in the middle of love triangles, with brothers.

10.  Were you surprised at the way in which Johann, the farmer, went on to live his life after Rebecca died? How so?

I would say it was not surprising how Johann carried on with his life after Rebecca died. Profound grief can cause people to act in lots of different ways. I don’t think it’s surprising that he walked away from the home they had shared. They lived in a pretty rural area, and there were so many memories in their home. Johann was devastated by the loss, so he took the one thing of value he had and left. I think by working in the clock shop he was able to reminisce about his previous life.

11.  Which character in the book was most tested by circumstance?  Which was the most transformed?

I would probably have to name Roger as the most tested, with the affair and the relationship he maintained with Magda.  Also in his efforts trying to get Magda and Anna back.

Roger was the most changed for sure, from the innocence of a child just finishing school, to an adulterous man, who fathered an illegitimate child with his brother’s wife, and lost the great love of his life.

12.  Did you think the events in the characters’ lives were driven by fate? Chance?

I don’t think that all of these things connecting the characters are simply by chance, one or two coincidences, maybe.  Not the same clock with different owners throughout the years, too many moving pieces to be left to chance.

13.  What do you think of Sol’s perception that he was the lucky one because he got to remain in Berlin after Jake was forced to flee?

I could see why Sol would have those thoughts.  To him, leaving Berlin would have been going out to the ‘great unknown,’ Jake wouldn’t know were he was going to get his next meal, while Sol would have had the comfort of his own home, and life style.

When in hind sight, Jake, being Jewish and getting out of Berlin was probably the best thing that could have happened to him.

14.  Where do you think Charlotte winds up one month after the end of the book? One year? Five years?
(Questions courtesy of the author.)

I would guess that in one month Charlotte is still in Philadelphia. Just as a matter of practicality, there would be a lot of things to take care of before she could run off to work with Jack in Europe. I have no doubt that she went. The appeal of both Europe and this man she had such a strong connection with would be too much to turn down. In one year, I would guess that she was still with Jack, engaged or close to it. They have this long history, and now that Charlotte knows just how Jack truly feels, I think their relationship would move very quickly. After five years, (at the risk of being cliche) I would say Charlotte and Jack are living happily ever after with one baby, which they would have given a special name to honor someone from their shared past – maybe one of the people involved in Roger’s case.

There you have it folks one book review, by two different book lovers!  The Things We Cherished is a must read, for those readers that love historically infused fiction.  Especially those of you that love a little romantic flair in your novels!

Thank you so much for reading our book review!  Be sure to let us know what you think of the book The Things We Cherished!



How to Make Colorful Deviled Easter Eggs

Have you seen the beautifully dyed deviled eggs around this time of year?


Want to know how to make them?

Yes! Duh!

Dying the eggs is actually super easy!  Seriously ridiculously easy.

Here is what you are going to need.

Solo cups


Food coloring, this is what I used.


The neon package makes the egg color super saturated, the assorted package makes for a pastel look.

You are also going to need whatever it is YOU use for to make deviled eggs.  Deviled eggs are apparently a super sensitive subject for some folks, and I am not starting any feuds on how you ‘should’ or ‘should not’ make your deviled eggs.  Clear?  mmmmkay.

Here is what I use.

Mustard, 5 tablespoons (don’t judge, I like my deviled eggs a little tart)

Sweet pickle juice, 1 tablespoon

Miracle Whip, 3 tablespoons

Lawry’s garlic salt, 2 tablespoons

Relish, 1 tablespoon



Step 1. Boil the eggs.


Step 2. Let the eggs chill.

Step 3.  Peel eggs.  (Easy right?)

Step 4.  Cut the eggs in half, dump yolks into a bowl.

Step 5.  Take about 5 drops of food coloring and mix with water in the solo cups,    make sure there is enough water to cover half of an egg.

Step 6.  Drop egg into the dye.


Step 7.  Repeat step six for however many colors you decided to use.

Step 8.  While the eggs are dying, mix up your filling.

Step 9.  Take the eggs out of the dye.

Step 10.  Admire the pretty eggs!


Step 11.  Place the egg yolk mixture into a small ziplock bag, and cut a tiny corner off of the bag, and squeeze the yolk out into the egg.



*Tip* Make sure your mixture is mashed up really really well or you are going to end up like me exploding your ziplock bag…. I had chunks of the mix in my bag and when I was squeezing nothing was coming out…and I just kept squeezing..and the top of the bag popped open and my mix went EVERYWHERE. So don’t be me, mix well!!!

Step 12.  Admire eggs again.

Step 13.  Stop!!!

Can’t you hear everyone oooooooohhhhing and awweeeing over you eggs???


Step 14.  Now enjoy them!

P.S. – Let your imagination run wild, these could be dyed blue and pink for a baby shower, team colors for a football party, or red, white and blue for an epic 4th of July bash.

Wow me with what you come up with!








Hiking a beautiful trail in CO: Five Rules to follow

It’s just ANOTHER beautiful day for a hike on a trail Colorado!  We have welcomed spring a bit early this year with temps that are nearing the 70 degree mark!  Random little trivia fact:  Colorado has more than 300 sunny days a year, which is actually more than, the sunshine state itself, Florida.  (At least according to the natives of CO.)  hahaha.  I’m not going to  be the one to debate that.  I can however assure you that we are welcoming the sun!

Just look at this view from the trail.

trail photo 1  The color contrast never ceases to amaze me.

We hiked the Chamberlain Trail at the Stratton Open Space.  This trail is located at the base of Cheyenne Mountain, and has two reservoirs to observe.  We brought our pooch Moose, along because of these features.

Big Moose 3  As much as he would like you to believe, he’s not dying…


He is an almost 10 year old black lab, but he was such a Champ!Me and Moose

Okay so we have got beautiful days and one beautiful trail, right?  It is easy to get caught up in the adventure and the scenery but we ALL need YOU ALL to stay safe while hiking.

Here are the TOP 5 things you need to make it a point to remember while hiking:

1.   Sunscreen.

Guys, it’s 2016 WEAR THE SUNSCREEN!!!  Colorado’s altitude requires that you pay extra attention to your skin. “The higher the elevation, the higher the level of solar UV radiation,” Pacheco says. “For every 1,000 feet in elevation, one experiences five percent more solar UV radiation…”  Did you know that??? I sure the heck didn’t.  Did you also know that because of our state’s climate, the dryness, actually make your skin more susceptible to harmful UV rays?

*Theresa R. Pacheco, the medical director of the CU Cosmetics, which is part of the University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Department of Dermatology.*

2.  Water.

People, I don’t think you are dumb, really I don’t.  But if I didn’t include this BIG tidbit someone would have jumped all over me.  Drinking water, seems obvious right?  Then tell me way we always have news stories like this…..



I’m sure this poor folks thought they had enough water when they started on their hike.  I am sure that they all thought ‘that’s never going to happen to me.’  Everyone thinks that, let me show you how to INSURE that being dehydrated on  a trial will not happen to you.



3.  Let someone know where you are, and about how long you will be gone.

Okay, I talk to my mother every day.  EVERY DAY.  So, if she didn’t hear from me in two days or so she probably would be calling someone…(right mom??!!??)  That’s minimum two-ish days though right?  A LOT, A LOT could happen in the outdoors in two days, you could dehydrate, get seriously hurt, be attacked by an animal, or person (hey laugh at me, people are freakin’ crazy…) and in those two days, you could die. Read that again, YOU COULD DIE.  If you did something as simple as letting someone know where you are, you could increase your chances of surviving drastically if something were to happen to you.  Emergency teams would know exactly where to look, reducing their search to a smaller area, and increasing your chances of being found.


This goes and hand in hand with number 3.  Again, if you stay on the trail, emergency teams will know exactly where to look for you, again increasing your chance of survival.  Let’s say my hubby and I go hiking and we both wander off the trail..I slip and fall and break my ankle..(little extreme, but it has happened..) my hubby would have to find his way back to the trail…walk down the trail, and go to find help right….well what are the chances that he would actually remember the exact same place where we wondered off of the trail?  And then remember his way back to me?  However, if we stayed on the trail, he would be able to walk right to me with help.  No looking, or second guessing required, staying on the trail also provides emergency teams easy ways to get equipment in and out of where ever the accident has occurred.  Evacuating is ALWAYS harder through brush and rugged terrain vs. the ease of a trail.

5.  Be Aware.

If something doesn’t look right, it usually isn’t.  This actually just happened to my husband and I on this Chamberlain Trail.  We were hiking along, and greeted several people, several dogs, all along having a great time.  We hiked around the first reservoir and again loads of people, dogs, and a few workers, all normal.  We walked back further into the woods, going around the second reservoir and I mentioned that there weren’t any folks walking back here, my husband agreed.  However, we kept hiking, (we were STILL on the trail, and my hubby had been smart enough to take a picture of the map at the start of the trail with his phone) we rounded the second reservoir, and the trail just stopped, even though it was marked on the map.  Instead of turning around, as we should have, we followed a work road, (a gravel road, that appeared as if workers had been using) the road dumped out onto a BUSY highway.  We are familiar enough in the area, that we actually knew where we were, but we had to hike almost 3 miles back to where our trail head started, with a dog, beside a busy highway, less than ideal.  Overall not a huge ordeal, however, had we been with our two 2 year olds, we would have been in trouble, had we not had a still working phone, we would have been in major trouble.  (my husband pulled up google maps and we were able to find our way back fairly easily) The point is peeps, PAY ATTENTION, had we stopped to wonder why there weren’t people on that part of the ‘trail’ we probably we have thought to turn around.

By the way, my husband and I did let someone know where we were hiking, so if we did not make it to a road, someone would have been looking for us.  Believe me I did thank God, that we had thought of this step before we left, while we were wandering around.

My husband and I are fairly experienced hikers, and we still made a mistake, a big one.  It happens folks, we are all human, try to use these simple reminders to make it a point to not let a dangerous situation happen to you!!!  Do not let a good time turn into a life threatening time.


Southern Style Green Beans

Green beans, boring right?  No. Not on my watch they aren’t!  Healthy and actually nutritious, they are the perfect side item to almost any entree.  Can they be boring?  Well yes, if you dump them right out of a can and heat them up, but that’s not how I roll.  Hold on to your hats, ’cause I’m about to change the way you look at green beans!

Southern Style Green Beans

5 minutes

6 hours


  • 1 lb of fresh green beans
  • 2 stick of butter
  • 1/2 of distilled white vinegar
  • 1/4 of Lawry's garlic salt
  • 1 cup of water
  • 4 strips of uncooked bacon
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 1 trusty crock pot


  1. Wash and snap green beans, add to crock pot
  2. Add strips of bacon
  3. Add water
  4. Add vinegar
  5. Add chopped onion (I like to quarter mine, I don't love the texture of onion)
  6. Add butter
  7. Lastly add Lawry's garlic salt
  8. Turn crockpot on high heat for about 6 hours
  9. Do not stir, let everything melt together

green beans with fork

The bacon and Lawry’s garlic salt make for a savory combo, and the vinegar gives the beans a good bite, making for a robust flavor.   I made a pound of these and between three people, all of my beans were gone!  We had a pretty heavy dinner too, grilled pork chops, Santa Fe corn (more on that later), a loaded baked potato, and the southern style green beans.  Seriously skip the boring pot on the stove, break out the crock pot and set your dinner up for success!

*Tip* use specifically Lawry’s garlic salt, I find that Lawry’s uses less salt, and more garlic, which provides a better flavor.  I have tried other brands of garlic salt, but with the amount required for the recipe, other garlic salts have left my green beans WAY TOO SALTY.

Try it out, mix it up, and tell me what you think!

*Disclaimer, I do realize that adding butter and bacon to the beans makes the side item a little less healthy, but options are good right???*


Yaya is coming to get her babies!!!

My mom (yaya) is meeting me halfway in the dreadful state of Kansas to pick up my kiddos for two weeks, two wonderfully quite weeks!

(Kansas isn’t really all that bad, but there’s not an awful lot to look at driving….)

Long story short, and one day I hope to have the guts to talk about our journey here on this blog, we are tied up in an epic legal battle and our daughter hasn’t been able to leave the state of Colorado.  Because we are trying to move the case to Colorado, from Georgia, there is no ‘official’ jurisdiction right now.  (Meaning the state of GA has dropped the case, but the state of CO hasn’t quite picked the case up yet)  Tricky, right?

Anyways, all of this means that my kiddos can go back home to be with our families for a whole two weeks!!!  My hubby and I have previous work commitments, so Yaya is wiling to meet us 1/2 in Kansas!

Yaya will have all of her sweet grandbabies for Easter!  Exciting right?  Well it is for us!!  Plenty of pictures to come soon!

Bet it only takes me three days before I’m lonely 😉



St Paddy’s Day Crafts!!!

With St Paddy’s Day just around the corner I figured that we could welcome the holiday with some fun crafts for the kiddos!!!

IMG_0816lucky face

St Paddy’s Day Craft #1.

Supplies needed,

3 pieces of construction paper, 1 yellow, 1 green, and 1 black piece.

1 brown lunch bag

2 googly eyes

2 buttons

1 orange pipe cleaner

1 glue gun

2 glue sticks


crayons for decorating his face


Start by gluing the eyes and buttons on first.

Decorate the face, then add the hat.

IMG_0809 Finish gluing your pieces onto the hat.

Now gluing on the beard is a little tricky…the glue is HOT. I started gluing the pieces individually…glue, lay a strip, glue, lay a strip. That people is how you get burnt.

On my second paper bag leprechaun guy, I did a thick strip of glue horizontally then laid the orange pieces down, works MUCH better.


St Paddy’s Day Craft #2.

Supplies needed,

4 pieces of construction paper, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 white, and 1 black.

2 googly eyes,

orange paint

crayons for decorating

a fork

1 glue gun

glue stick



First turn the white paper horizontally and draw a large D with a pencil.

lucky face 2


Take a fork place it in the paint and dab the paint around the D letter.

Decorate face and glue eye googly eyes.

Glue on hat and pieces to the hat.

lucky face

Two brilliantly easy St Paddy’s Day crafts!!!

Again all of my favorite things, cute, fun and super easy!!!

Show me what fun St Paddy’s Day crafts you guys come up with!!!